Why Email Template?

I want to ask you. I know everywhere Email Template Design and Development 600px but Envato Author make 800px but why?

Good question.

Almost all templates presented here at Envato are vanity designs which are not truly compatible. The render tests are never shared, the width is above what works in webmail clients, Apple MAC is the standard, although most features do not work on Windows systems (fonts etc.) and 3rd party render results are never shared - probably because they would reveal how limited the designs and builds are.

The low sales figures for email templates show that this branch of Themeforest is just too low standard and does not focus on the important aspects.

I’d also like to see some plain html templates. Not everything needs to have the clunky theme builders attached.

Make those cheaper and publish render results. That might get sales up.

While i agree with you completely on this, the fact remains that the category is not too low standard - it is simple a stock marketplace approach.

I know that even the likes of Adobe use a very very simple design to make sure it renders correctly in all the different clients but unfortunately these types of marketplace require a different approach.

However a huge % of buyers on here would not have the thought process, expertise or understanding to consider things like Litmus or render results, or even down to the fact that certain clients won’t render background images. This big group would simply not be interested in basic and plain layout designs (even if they are more functional).

The fact remains that products from here are not meant to be off the shelf solutions and final products (even if many people use them in this way) and are meant to building blocks for projects which increases the need for creative versatility, builders etc.

Look at themes and templates - it’s the same story. Endlessly people complain about the lack of originality or the overbearing similarities of the big multi purpose themes. Truth be told they are probably right. So why do authors keep producing this style? Because in a marketplace this big with buyers of varied expertise and needs - up front creative & the wow factor is what sells.

Again I agree 110% with your comments however to give a different view point - stock marketplaces will always behave differently than regular agency or in house work.