Why don't envato reviewers tell the reason why they rejected the theme?

I’m seeing that my theme is being rejected several times but they do not tell what the problem is or why they rejected it. I am sure the reviewer may have 1 or few points for REJECTING and why not tell them to Authors?

Please mention the reason for the rejection… this will encourage Authors to know what they missed and correct them in the next submission. Otherwise we have to be guessing what went wrong.

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In many cases it’s simply not possible. For example, if the design quality of a theme is completely off from the required standard, there’s not really much to say other than “this item does not meet our quality standards.”

If a theme is close to the required quality and has some specific issues, they do list the reasons.


Why not? This is Envato’s Primary Business. Authors submit, Customers purchase… Envato makes a cut/percentage. I don’t have any issue with that. This is a great business model. But driving away your key contributors without any reason is not a good business practice.

They review every theme… and if that is the case, then they can just say that… “Your theme is completely off from the required standard”, atleast this will give Author’s a sense that we missed off completely and we have to REDO.

If such hard is the review process then how come several low-grade themes made up to Envato? Lots of themes do not even have a single line of documentation or their demo links won’t work?

This is exactly what a hard rejection means. They do however choose alternative, more friendly words in the rejection message. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a consequence of time. As time progresses, quality standards increase, and demos break down or go offline. Once a theme is approved, Envato does not go back and remove it unless it is actually broken and a customer reports it as so. They also don’t actively monitor for offline demos - some old items also don’t need live demos and have screenshots.