Why doesn't Envato want new themes?

Why doesn’t Envato want new themes?

What will Envato sell when people stop buying the popular A theme, or when the A theme starts its own marketplace and leaves Envato? Or does Envato not want to make money? Don’t want to invest in the future by winning new writers? They offend writers by saying quality standards and cause writers to move to other markets.
I guess hard times await Envato in the future.

Of course they want AND welcome new themes - that meet the necessary standards.

It remains premium marketplace so anything regardless of author or date has to achieve the levels that have made it so successful.

Share a demo to whatever you submitted that was rejected and you can have feedback.

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Thank you for your answer. I submitted a few themes but they were rejected and nothing was told why it was rejected and what to improve. We don’t know what Envato wants us to improve. Every product has its buyer.
How can I contact you by private message? I’m new to Envato, I don’t know where to send the private message.

I am afraid I don’t reply to PMs for several reasons:

  1. we get quite a few and can’t reply to all

  2. there are numerous very experienced buyers and authors in these forums, and the best answers to just about any question comes from when it is asked publicly

For reference:

  • there is simply no realistic way for envato to feedback to the thousands of submissions they get every week, especially not at any meaningful level which would help authors to make amends.

  • if an item does get close to the standard then envato do offer feedback

  • 90%+ of the time, rejections are for a valid reason and the reviewer is right.

  • it’s not only about creating ok themes - there has to be premium value involved and it has to be suitable to the marketplace, which is not the same as just creating a theme.

Your best option is to share demo links to the submissions here - that way you can get insight from different users.

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Thank you. I will try to develop the themes until they are accepted. :smiley:

You can check out the list of recently approved themes and you will see there is certainly not a lack of new themes - which means your assumption that Envato doesn’t want new themes is completely wrong:

If you are not getting approved then your themes are simply not good enough. It is really not fault of the Envato. You need to work harder and make better themes, that’s the whole magic.

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