Why doesn't Envato checkout catch double-purchases?

This seems pretty obvious – and easy to do – so why doesn’t Envato prevent customers from accidentally purchasing the same item twice?

I don’t think customers should have to worry about paying for something twice. And I’m sure authors don’t enjoy having to handling the refund requests.

I guess any such measure would stop people from accidentally purchasing something twice… but it would also stop them from purposefully purchasing something twice.


Because you’re buying licences, not just a file.

Customers frequently buy multiple licences for a particular product so they can use the file in multiple projects.


Actually, you are not buying a file at all. You are ONLY buying a license to use those files (and maybe some additional services).

Well I was hit by this and only wanted single license. So far no cooperation from seller and no response the whole day from support. This sucks. Cart should give a warning at least. Single check and alert box shown to end user. If you need I can give you the three lines of javascript it takes. No idea on how this happened since I didn’t added the same product twice. I was trying to buy two different. I will have to open paypal dispute.