Why does themeforest takes so long to review items? In fact sometimes it takes more than 7 days to review a single page web PSD.

I am observing this closely, themeforest has stated time required to review items on their website, still it mostly exceeds time mentioned. I have seen other websites like ■■■■ which reviews items of all sorts in less than 3-4 hours and tell their verdict. I am not saying to go this faster but at least review items in time mentioned.

The times posted at quality.market.envato.com are averages automatically calculated from review times in the last week. Review times can change at any moment, as reviewers may take days off or vacations around holidays in their countries, and queue lengths will always be going up and down.

I understand it’s not a single person, its a huge community where a lot of people are involved and are continuously working in their genres to provide service.
But then stands a question, when there are a lot of people involved and from all around the globe, still it takes this long?
Alright if I ignore the time stated on website, then also 7 days for one page web PSD is not good in any case, whereas other websites can do it in relatively very less amount of time.

The thing is that (while things really can vary all the time) very few other sites have close to the volume of submissions that are received here

Of course!
I appreciate your efforts. I hope to see things getting better in near future.