Why does my template not meet the "standard" requirement?

So for about a week or so I was working on a theme that I wanted to post on the marketplace, considering I worked really hard on it, and had to wait over a day to even get it reviewed, I was really discouraged and disappointed when I got a email saying

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Prismosis | A Modern and Innovative SaaS Business Template | Mobile Friendly” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

It hurts because I’ve seen way worse templates on the marketplace that aren’t even responsive, that uses single colors and there are no animations.

Here is a link to what the website looked like since I can’t show a preview

It would be nice to get an actual answer to why it got rejected rather than someone saying.
“It’s ugly”

What part of it did not qualify? What should I improve? Are there any guidelines? Or do you just have to sit there and build templates in hopes of the next one you make gets approved?

Thank you for your help.

Firstly one day in review is pretty quick as it can take a lot longer.

Why can’t you share the demo link? Or is it just a PSD

Did you include all the relevant documentation etc?

There can’t be detailed requirement guidelines as all items should be unique so I general it is just a question of originality, premium features and functionality, best practice coding etc.

I assume there are a load more pages etc beyond this?

With respect this page is very basic and there are fundamental issues like top/bottom padding between section. There’s not very much too it and certainly nothing stand out premium.

Thank you for getting back so quick.
As for the demo link, I’m not sure where I would host it.

And as for the “loads of pages”, there aren’t any, the template was designed for it to serve as a selling point for the people who get on.
They see what the business is all about and then they can choose a plan which takes them to the payment page.

And as for the “op/bottom padding between section.”
Is there a specific guideline you should go for?

So you have to have a hosted and working demo or else it won’t be reviewed

Aside from that you this is far too basic to be a premium template and would need to come up with other pages, examples of the payment pages etc

Have a look on themeforest at other big selling sass or hosting sites etc and you will get an idea of the scale and versatility needed

Mine was reviewed without having a hosted demo, but I appreciate the feedback, and I’m not sure it would be a premium template, the price was $14 after all, but I’ll work on a new one and hopefully that one will get accepted, but I won’t get my hopes up this time.

Thank you charlie4282!

That’s just the generic hard rejection message which you would get if it had been reviewed or not (it’s automated).

You will have to have a functional demo to be approved

Do you reckon it could of been because of that then?

I doubt it was actually reviewed but that alone is not the only issue - it still needs a ton more to it and refining in terms of design and execution

This is the first item to come up when searching for 'SaaS: multiple demos, multiple pages, tons of features, extremely high standard of design AND $8

Do I need hosting to add the preview? Or can I just add the files?
Because this for instance

Seems to be hosted in themeforest.net

No you have to host it yourself - remove the preview bar and you will see the true url

Haha I remember a couple of years ago when review time was about 35 days, now people complain about 1 day review time :slight_smile:

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