Why does many bloated / multi-variation themes have lower design quality?



I’ve observed in marketplace that if you provide enough features and variations the reviewer will judge the design with lower standards. Why is it so?

We can see many multipurpose themes with tons of variations which will never be approved if those variations were submitted separately. Should not reviewers maintain a fixed design criteria no matter how many features/variations those items provide.


+1 Good point.
Completely agree


Those multi-variation themes are ruining the market, If Envato cannot stop this trend at least it should observe fix design standards to discourage sub-standard (w.r.t. design quality) multi variation themes. I’m sure, this step would at least slow down this trend.


Sad but true when quantity knocks down quality.
I think Envato won’t care as long as those themes keeps buyers doing the expected action “PURCHASE” those Swiss knife themes.


it’s happening bro, it’s happening now