Why does it take so long to approve the sale of my products?

I publish a product, but at the end of 1 day, my product, which is in the approval process, is removed even from the hidden products tab. I can’t reach you again and you don’t even give an explanation. What is the reason of this? And I request you to approve the sale of my product.

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No one can give you feedback or advice without seeing the demo link you shared.

Hi @vegalya,

Unfortunately, Envato Quality and Help Teams are not able to provide feedback/critique or advice for Hard Rejected items.

But you should receive email of the review result (if not Unchecked the ‘Item review notifications’ in your Settings => Email Settings):

Sometimes email can go in spam, so need to check inbox, spam, junk as well.


Thanks for your help sir.

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Unfortunately, I can’t find my demo link, it’s lost.
What do I need to provide for you to help me?

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When you submitted the item you would have needed to include a working demo (set up and owned by you not envato)

That link which shows the item live and functioning is what anyone needs to provide feedback

Yes, you are right, when I sent the first product it was categorically wrong (HTML5), then I opened my ad in the right category (CSS) codes could be stolen, so I provided it with video and representative images.
Please review my second post.

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No one in these forums can officially review items.

If you share your working demo then people can give unofficial feedback on the likelihood of approval.

If the reviewer thinks the code was pirated then that is a different problem.

And today, I don’t understand where is the problem What does Hard Rejected mean?

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Presumably there is errors in the coding or the design is not premium quality but unless you are willing to share the link which you submitted here so people can preview the item, then no one is going to be able to help.