Why does envato take a cut for support sales?

I know this is probably an old topic but for real, why does envato take a cut for support that WE authors provide? I can understand taking a cut if you provided a platform such as ticksy for handling support, but why take a cut when you take no part whatsoever in the support process?

Because Envato is selling it, you’re not

I don’t agree with it. I understand taking a cut on the product as they have to host the files and bring traffic to the product etc. etc. but support is a service, not a product. They take no part whatsoever in support.

They do handle the facility for buyers to actually buy extended support, pay for it, invoice it, send email reminders to buyers to buy it, and send you the payments for it… so I guess they’ve got to take something for it. Is 30% too much? I’m not sure, but I’d say 0% is definitely too low.