Why Does Envato Reject every one of my submissions?

I dont understand why my submissions keep getting hard rejected! In the last week, I have created 2 custom navigation menus. Each nav menu comes with 4 different style and color schemes. I include all necessary files and instructions on how to use the nav menu and set it up. But for some reason, I keep getting rejected! This is my first time on codecanyon, and my work is extremely unique. The nav menu I designed is unlike any other nav menu on codecanyon currently. It just doesnt make sense at all. Ive had a total of 14 hard rejections in a row in the past 2 months and Im getting sick of it. What do you have to do to make these reviewers happy?

You should share demo links to your items so people can give you feedback

You know, I’ve been asking myself the same question for years now.