Why does Envato devalue a valid Ukrainian passport?

Hello everyone! Faced the problem again. Envato don’t want to verify my ID.

I live in Ukraine and there are 2 types of valid passports here: an ordinary passport of a citizen of Ukraine and an ID card.

I only have a regular passport. It is a valid identity document. But for the second time the administrators refused me, referring to the fact that this document does not fit.

BUT why, when registering (about six months ago), I passed the check with this document? And why, if the rules changed, I was not warned in advance so that I had time to make an ID card?

These actions completely devalue an effective document of my country. I think this is wrong.

Authors should be concerned with writing music, promoting, etc. but instead I need to waste precious time solving this problem.

Where can I go to safely resolve this issue? ( Envato Author Help Center DON’T help me, unfortunately ).

Maybe @BenLeong will be able to help.

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Hi @Big-Dean - I’ve just checked with our Author ID team to find out more about this.

It looks like the internal Ukrainian domestic passports that were issued until 2016 are not accepted by our identity verification service provider. You will either need an international (biometric) passport, an ID card, or a Driver’s Licence in order to verify your account.

We began requiring Author ID checks for all new authors in October 2020, first announced here. The timing for that check is based on when you have your first item approved for any Envato Market site, and not when your account was first registered - this is because many new account owners won’t go on to successfully publish any items, so identity checks are only issued once an item passes review.

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Thanks for feedback. And have a nice day)

чт, 14 окт. 2021 г., 9:50 BenLeong via Envato Forums <envato@discoursemail.com>:

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