Why does Envato charge a handling fee when making a purchase?

I Personally think the handling fee is a rip off for a downloadable item. Why then does Envato incorporate it in their checkout. Aren’t you supposed to have included that in the item price though. Because if the item price is $50 I have already prepared my heart and soul to pay $50. People like me don’t want surprises at the checkout counter please remove that thing. It makes you look shady and unprofessional.

There have been many, many posts about this. It all fell on deaf ears. Why would they antagonize their customers like that? No reason, just because.

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Thank you. I hope they listen this time around

Envato just lost a sale of “Canvas” to me because of this.

I went to the competition and ended up spending more for a theme there than the price here for “Canvas” + “Handling Fee” here.

Thing is: I’m standing there with the credit card in hand, ready to pay, and then the seller kind of starts to re-negotiate the price with me again pushing it up. This is plain greed-stupidity. I can’t even imagine how many deals that may be lost because of this.

My advice: Be transparent! Just add the $2 to the total price up front if that’s what you want for it and compete fairly against all other sites by showing the customer the total price she is expected to pay at the end. It’s not that difficult.

The same here. I was just going to buy a 6 dollar items, went to check out and suddenly my price is 8.40… It is totally unacceptable, and envato market lost a potential long time costumer just like that…

I made my friend from the studio buy lost of stuff here, I did not know this, God knows how much he had to pay extra.

It is a shame… Never again…