Why do you write good wishes in the comments to the new items?

My work is approved, it is on the first page, there are no sales yet, but the first comments with the wishes of “Great job”, “Good sales” have already here.
For me personally and many Russian authors this is a novelty. Is it I’m so wild or is it your tradition or is there any benefit?
Why, Mr. Anderson? Why, why? Why do you do it?..

They expect a comment back. Having many comments on your own item is a way to make it “trending”.

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^^^ After talking to several of our developers, I’m almost 100% certain that item comments don’t directly affect an item’s Trending status - that seems to be a persistent (and widely believed) myth, and I’m not sure how it got started :wink:

The trending algorithm is complex, and involves a lot of different factors and weightings - number of item comments isn’t one of those, though.

I was under the impression it was indeed a factor, because I’ve seen several items with 50 comments and no sales whatsoever with the trending icon.

If comments are not part of the equation, maybe they still are indirectly, as these comments would generate item views as well (and those are factored in, right?)

From certain people here it’s nothing more than spam, and frankly quite annoying. Copy/paste comments on every new item, every day, every week…

Like kids on YouTube - “like for a like”.

Completely insincere, ridiculous comments like “wow, awesome job, really great art” on a static video clip of a tree.

It’s a bit funny too, I admit, but maybe they should spend more time making good items and less time writing false comments.

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I assume they beleive its some kind of SEO tactic, having their name spread across multiple pages. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work though.

I noticed this type of questionable activity as well. Once some item is published, it gets comments “Nice work, good luck with sales” and similar. First, I thought authors of those comments really like the items they comment on. However, I noticed the same persons just copy/paste the same comment text for every new item every week. In fact, I believe it should be considered as spam.

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Personally, I comment when I like something. It is a kind of community feeling. If some authors comment for more sales they just waste their time. :grinning:

Comments on our items are always well received, even if it does seem like spamming. I remember having my very first items approved and getting some lovely comments - a real treat after getting through the review process, and very encouraging for a new author.

It’s frequent forum posters who have the hidden SEO agenda, by the way!