Why do you think the product has been rejected?

Friends! Please listen to my track. Why do you think the product has been rejected?https://soundcloud.com/bohoman/soulful-future-bass

Maybe the reason is strange white noise intro effect and water drop sound. In background music any nature sound decreases its potential commercial usability. What if I like this Soulful Future Bass and plan to use it as background for my, let’s say «DIY let’s build a shelf!» video tutorial, and next I hear a waterdrop sound. And I’m like «Well, let’s find something else». I can’t find other reason for rejection, it’s a cool track with smooth sound.

Thank You!

The sounds just are a little distracting for background music. It’s not a bad track but it screams"listen to me" which is not what you want for background music. Listen critically to best selling tracks in this genre and I think you will hear the difference.

Thank You! I will try to.

Hi, wanted to help you but you deleted the track…

Thank you, but I already understood about it and deleted the track.