Why do you think my plugin was rejected!

I’ve seen plugins with fewer features than my plugin in the market. But for some reason my plugin is rejected without any explanation, which is very rough in your opinion why it was rejected.

Why was he denied? And now won’t I be able to resubmit this plugin? So will it never be accepted? But why. What is the reason? Tell us at least and we will follow the path accordingly.

My plugin:

I think the functionality is too basic for a paid for product.

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So what more features can I add? I would like to send this again. I would like it to be accepted. So whatever features I add, the chances of being accepted increase.

I am not really sure. I was just suggesting that you need to create a product with a good set of features. Ajax search on its own is not enough.

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I got it though. There is a statistics system. What other secret features I can add to this kind of plugin is a convenient and concise plugin.