Why do you take things too lightly in Codecanyon?

Why do some authors intend to scam people and the support takes it so lightly? I bought a script over a week now, and the script is filled with bugs, I have written to the author severally but he ignored me. I didn’t know that he was getting my messages until I asked for a refund, but to my surprise, he declined it (for reasons that he does not offer support and does not refund after purchase)which means that he has been actively seeing my emails but chose to ignore them. I went back to the product page where I noticed that he stated that he charges $130 for app installation and another $30 for ad integration making it a whooping $160 for a $24 script.

This explains the reason why the script is filled with so many bugs, and deprecated SDKs and why he won’t pay attention to them. The bugs were intentional because you would have to pay him this huge amount of money in order to get the script to work.

I have asked for a refund but he keeps declining them immediately, I have raised a dispute 3 times but only one was answered and when I responded I have not heard anything from the support again. I have raised another dispute and I have heard nothing from anybody.

Why are all these things happening to people? People actually use their hard-earned money to try to give some of this software a shot but end up being scammed, this is not the first time such a thing has happened to me.

Before I bought the script, I tried writing the author but he did not respond to my emails either. I thought everything would work and I will probably get a good backup from Codecanyon if anything goes wrong. But here I am witnessing another person scamming me of my money under the nose of this company. Isn’t this thing shameful enough?

If the script works why can’t he tell me how to correct all the error reports I sent to him? He just ignores them and then refuses to refund me and then Codecanyon I nonchalant about it.

The installation cost is tricky because that would not be included and authors are not allowed to offer to do things like that for free as it can create unfair advantage.

If there are genuine bugs with the item, then regardless of the author rejecting the request for a refund, you can dispute it with envato. Envato Market Help and Support

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Thank you for your response @charlie4282 . Did you miss the part where I mentioned that I have raised a dispute Three Times?

I didn’t realise you meant with envato.

Given you only bought the item over a week ago - how long did you leave it before raising each dispute (each time you typically delays the process).

Envato will come back to you but they have to investigate etc. so it can take a little time.

  • I raised a dispute just approximately 3 days after purchase.
  • The first dispute was ignored days after I raised it.
  • I raised the second dispute. They responded to the second one. But needed some evidence which I included in the first dispute, hoping that they would investigate the past disputes. I was avoiding repetition. I replied to the email with the evidence and didn’t hear from anybody again.
  • I had to create the Third dispute and included the evidence again, but I have not heard anything from anyone again.

I mean isn’t it weird that they only respond to disputes that don’t have attachments and when you send one they refused to respond to it?

Most of the authors replies within 2-3 working days. Purchasing the item and requesting a refund within 3 days sounds like there’re different reasons such as you’re not familiar with the system or in a hurry that you can’t wait couple of more days to wait for the support ( author ) reply. In this case, it’s normal that the first may be ignored ( or already on to “check” list but again you still didn’t wait for the “official” support to respond in/on time, you raised another ticket. )

After you replied with the evidence, they will also need to contact the author. They will give around 7-10 days in some cases for the author to reply before starting the refund process. But again, in three days, your expectations are too high/too fast for a product that you have paid 24$ script.

Apart from that, the installation is not covered by the “free support” and authors has rights to ask additional payment. At that case, you have few options. If you’re not willing to pay for the installation to the author, you can always find a freelancer and ask them for the installation. If you’re not willing to pay at all, you will need to check everything properly - you will have to have enough knowledge/ experience for the APP installation. Ability to install “Android Studio” is not good enough to manage the APP, if this is your case, it’s your problem.

If there’re really some bugs within the theme, depending how you request the help from the author - I had experiences, some buyers were really rude, you will still need to allow few days ( working days ) to get a proper answer but again, it’s your responsible at some point to get the item installed.

It’s like me buying an SDD for my computer where there’re instructions how to do it but when I failed to do it, I cannot blame the company who sold the part to me and cannot claim it doesn’t fit.


I purchased the item on 09 May 2023. 12:16 PM

I wrote him on 10th May 2023 and asked for the latest documentation and also told him about the errors immediately. He sent the documentation and totally ignored everything about the error. I replied to the email and mentioned the errors to him again, and he replied “Already sent you latest documentation.” . Meanwhile, I was asking him about the errors.

On the 11th of May 2023. I created a new email and told him about the errors alone and sent him the error log. He kept ignoring the messages.

On 12th, May 2023. I left a comment in Codecanyon and mentioned the errors. He came and replied that he does not give support. That was when it dawned on me that he purposely ignored all my messages. That same day I asked for a refund and he rejected it.

This app was:

Last Update 4 October 2022
Published 8 April 2022
You should understand that there have been a lot of changes in Android development since October 2022. The app must have plenty of obsolete SDKs and Dependencies which I brought to his attention.

This is not the first script I am buying from Codecanyon. This is not my first time importing a project and building it in Android Studio. This app has a lot of deprecated SDKs.

If they were waiting for the Author’s response there should be feedback informing me that they are awaiting the author’s response.

It is not fishy if I buy an item now and ask for a refund immediately. It is possible that I will see something different from what I bought. Do I have to wait for weeks before starting a project that I already planned to start after I purchased the script?

FYI, I write and sell codes too, I just haven’t had the time to sell in Envato. When I buy some scripts, I have the capability to edit them to my taste. When I buy a script, you don’t expect me to go through the stress of paying extra to fix it, I didn’t pay for a broken script, nor did I buy it from a black market. Let’s wait and see how this thing finally turns out.

It will be a very bad idea if you play down on this. I suggest you give up whatever bias and start taking this seriously from now ON.

Just for clarity - you have no buyer badge on the profile so presumably:

A) this was your only purchase from envato and you have received the refund

B) you purchased it from a different account?

If you were liaising with the author or envato using this account then the lack of purchase on the account would certainly case a problem.

Don’t get me wrong, for Android, things could get changed really quickly but you were aware of the possible problems with the item and yet you decided to purchase the item that is not supported. You cannot blame the author or the support he’s not providing. Seems/sounds like you risked 24$ and lost it.This is on you.

( If the item is marked as not supported, he’s not responsible to reply “support” questions, he has rights to ignore these )

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