Why do we need to pay over and over for software? What is this new 6 month support?

I can’t believe we are duped into paying all these companies an arm and a leg going forward. Am I the only one feeling frustrated? Is there any other source where we are not locked in to paying developers over and over for sometimes crappy software they update all the time?

I can’t believe we are all falling for this and accepting this ripoff.

You don’t have to pay over and over for the software, you only have to pay over and over for the support, if you need the support over and over. The software itself is the same price it always was.

You’re just paying for support in case you need it, which after 6 months you probably won’t be needing.

As for an arm and a leg, the prices are not expensive, for $50 ( generally what a theme costs ) you’d get less than 1 hour of a developer’s time. If a theme is an arm and a leg then having a custom website made would be “your whole body, mind, soul and the same for your offspring and their offspring and so on for 500 years”

Important to note that most theme providers have a yearly subscription and once that passes you can’t even get updates. On themeforest you always get access to updates, the subscription is just for support, in case you need it after 6 months, which 99% customers don’t.

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