Why do we need Audiojungle when we have Elements?


I’m just curious what is the purpose of Audiojungle when Elements exists on the market?
What is the purpose of these two products being on the market at the same time?

If the Audiojungle disappears soon, we would like to know this in advance from Envato to take according actions, because for many authors this market is the only income.


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  1. Single purchases (some clients do not like to subscribe).
  2. Broadcast licenses
  3. AudioJungle has bigger catalog, more tracks, especially unique.

I would also like to know, preferably in advance for 3-4 months (in order not to suddenly remain in the void without the main (at the moment) income). I hope AJ doesn’t close.


Guys, I don’t understand what all this negative talk is about the end of Audiojungle. So far it has been a website that has been running for many years and we see examples of authors who have reached Elite in a few years and continue selling day by day. I understand that there have been many changes and that it is not the same 2019 as previous years but it continues to be a reference website and the Envato team continues to create changes whether we like them or not every couple of weeks. Let’s say Audiojungle is more alive than ever. Come on! let’s be positive! :slight_smile:


Hope you’re right