Why do these doings my friends?

welcome everybody. :blush:
I succeeded new here thank God, and I uploaded my first template for the company file.
But I see that my sales are very few and I only got two sales 3 days ago :pleading_face:, I have friends here years ago and they told me that they got a lot of profits here, and it turns out that they are honest and that they are already at the fifth level.
But the problem is here **
There are some great authors in Graphic River who design templates for company files, annual reports, white paper and suggestions and they are 40 pages and above, but they sell those templates for $ 5 and this is illogical.
The big disaster is that they design the template on all programs like:
Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Word.
Why do these?
These are the problem with our few sales here !!! :hot_face:
My friends used to download templates here for company files, reports, etc., which are 16 pages to 24 pages and they set prices from 13 to 16 dollars.
But now long ago their sales became very little because of these authors !!!
Price limits must be set here for all templates
Most of these are tenth-level author’s.
We get tired while playing with prices
What do you think about that guys? :thinking:

hi buddy , sales are slow for most of us - even for more established authors with quite large portfolios and that turn out to make themselves more known by potential buyers - so , basically there is nothing strange or anything like this for u who is just starting at this stage not to be able to sell much. It could not be any other way. In case u did not identify this, this place is not a “get-rich-quick” one indeed. Here u have to earn your stripes, u have to pay your dues and go through tears, sweat and blood; that the market gets familiar with u , that u promote your items much by yourself so that u can get noticed and ultimately sell a potentially decent volume enough … besides, as for me, i am ranked 434th in the world today and all i can tell u is that money i make is very far away from enabling me to live out of what i do here, do not get me wrong , in time, i make really decent money normally here for “additional money” apart from my main revenue but this is just sideway source of income, fortunately enough …


I am with you, my friend, but why do these authors sell their molds for $ 5?

The fact that you already have 2 sales within 3 days on your first item is actually pretty good. You have to keep in mind that there are literally thousands of people competing for the same customers, and most people will likely buy from already established authors rather than new ones.

I agree that $5 is pretty low, but it’s also a marketplace, so if you have a lower price then more people will buy it if it fits their needs. With that being said, there’s a sweet spot that you need to try and hit, if you price your stuff too low, it loses it’s value, but if you price too high, no one will buy it. It’s no secret that most people tend to think that higher price means higher quality, which is why I say that pricing too low decreases its value.

Years ago Envato used to set the price for each item themselves as they were accepted, but then they changed to a self pricing method where authors could set their own price, which makes more sense to me. There’s a lot of strategy involved in this industry, and it varies between items.

I’d say keep your item priced at $10 for a while, then lower it to $8 and see if that makes a difference in sales. Like I said, 2 sales in 3 days on your first item is pretty good, most people can expect maybe 2 sales in a few weeks, heck there are likely thousands of items here that have no sales and have been around for years.

That’s not a disaster at all, that’s actually what you should be trying to do. It gives more options to the buyer. What if a potential buyer likes your item, but doesn’t have InDesign? They won’t buy it, but if you offer other options such as Word, then they might be more inclined to spend their hard earned money on your item.

This isn’t a get rich quick sort of place, if any such place even exists. You need a lot of patience and hard work to get anywhere in this industry, and it only gets harder as time goes on and more and more people try getting into it. Years ago when I joined, there wasn’t nearly as many people, items stayed on the home page for most of the day, sales for each author was slightly better, people actually rated items regularly, and it was much more tightly knit community within each niche. Now with Envato being one of if not the biggest marketplace for digital assets, it’s not like it used to be, now the front page gets flooded within seconds, and thousands of people flock in to try and make an easy living, and with the way society is going in general, people just buy items online and forget about it, rating is definitely not something people tend to think about anymore.


I am with you, my friend.
But what I want to say is that we must preserve the value of our work.
I will try to do what you say!
Thank you

Yes, preserving value is a problem in this industry as a whole. I know some concept artists who are elite in their field, but because they charge premium, studios often go for the cheaper artists, even if the quality isn’t as good. I do a lot of freelance work for various businesses ranging from small local business to video game development, and the same issue is present there as well, more and more customers are expecting cheaper prices for the same result as the high quality stuff. That’s why it’s really important that you stand out, and do work that’s above the rest, there’s no room for being average anymore.