Why do some authors write comments on all projects?

Hey guys,
I always wondered why some authors write comments on every project, just why?

I know in some places people promote their products, but in this case they just write some copy/paste text and that’s it. Strange…

They don’t have nothing to do during the day…:joy:


agree :joy::rofl:

They hope that this way they gain exposure :frowning:

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I think this type of copy/paste comments is fully unvaluable. instead if they post about the Item features they liked would be great for customer to know about the Item. :thinking:

I hate these type of comments because it’s people just using your work to promote themselves… very disingenuous and means for the times someone leaves a genuinely nice comment, it’s often hard to tell if it’s sincere :frowning:

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Yeah, when I find a project I like, I leave a comment and think that it’s going to be lost with copy/paste comments.

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