Why do my classmates always refuse

I have repeatedly tried to submit designs but refuse without knowing the direct cause of the rejection despite my compliance with the site’s instructions

The Mecca building, etc is blurry. Cannot have blurry here, slightly blurry with clean edges gets away with it.

And l know that the Return Flight, etc text is probably obeying heirachy rules, but swapping Return, etc block with LUXERY TO…block, would probably work better.

And the details below, the blocks of text either side need to be the same distance away from the line.

And the design overall needs something more, (motion blurr planes, or clouds comes to mind).


thank you.
Rejecting my many attempts does not encourage me to try again

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No, l failed 8 times before l got my first flyer in, so it is best to learn from your mistakes and keep going.


The problem is that reviewers have designs in envato
They do not mention the reason for rejection so that the designer can learn from his mistakes and adjust them

The reviewer will always give feedback if they feel a design is close to the standard.

If they decide it is too far from the requirement then they don’t provide feedback as in most cases it is a sign that this would be counter intuitive.

@tmcom made some very valid points above although there are a few other bits like the one green element on the price feels lost, and generally in such a crowded category anything new must offer something fresh and unique. This design is ok but it lacks obvious premium execution.

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No, it isn’t easy to start off, (but most things in life aren’t) and l bought about $50 worth of elements for my first try, and failed.

Then asked questions, studied others works, and tried again.

I also bought a competitors flyer, just to see how l need to organize groups, etc.

If you are serious about the flyer thing, then l would suggest you buy one, which should remove a lot of “l don’t know what l am dong wrong” issues.

And do one flyer at a time; it is tempting to do 10 at a time, so you have an odd’s on chance of a breakthrough, but at this early stage, you could also get clobbered, (l tried that early on, and let’s just say, it was a hard pill to swallow).

Over time, you learn new techniques, (from Youtube and here) and pick up graphic elements you can use over and over, and what the staff here actually want or are looking for.

And get more through.

So just keep at it, and you will get one through. And then get some sales, and that will motivate you to do more.

Good luck.


PS Thanks, @charlie4282. :1st_place_medal: