Why do I keep getting CAPCTHAs to fill out?

I must have filled it out over a hundred times now, with each item I want to download on envatoelements.

If I am a paying customer, and I am CLEARLY not a robot, why on earth must I deal with these every single time I try to download something?

I only signed up for a month so far, but I definitely won’t be doing the yearly subscription if I have to spend most of my time filling out these annoying things.

The ‘unlimited’ aspect of this feels like a complete scam.

I’ll explain it to you.

Basically, what happens is: When you download 100 files, you have to enter a captcha. After that, you have to enter a captcha every ten downloads, and finally, before every download a captcha.

If you reach 1000 downloads, your account gets locked, and you have to deliver satisfactory evidence that you use the items in a legit way.

If you take the term unlimited downloads and their policies seriously, you could download singlehandedly 1 million stock videos. Then import the videos into your project session, add some text, download 100K music tracks, and add those to your session. Export and finish 10K videos, and you fulfilled their terms.

Unfortunately, it is not unlimited downloads. It’s 100 fast downloads and the rest slow downloads until it resets. It’s more a marketing term.

It’s cheaper and faster to buy multiple subscriptions than to work slowly with one subscription.

If they really want to pay the artists fairly, they could raise their prices, add donation buttons or give them more artist bonuses or the like.

If you never cancel your subscription, you can meet the terms very simply. Yeah, the waiting time is not so nice. As I explained in the forum, I’d rather have a 3-year subscription where I get the items fast when I need them than wait.

Hi @Philljc. The reCAPTCHA mechanism is in place to help enforce the Fair Use policy that has been linked to above - this Help Centre article has more information on download limits.

It’s important to note that the Envato Elements Licence covers a single use of each item, while your Elements subscription is active. For most items (excluding fonts and add-ons), that involves the creation of an end product of some kind.

For add-on and font items, “single use” is the installation of that item on a single device - see the licence link for full details about this.

If you feel confident that your usage meets the Fair Use policy, please contact our support team by opening a ticket at Envato Elements Help and Support with more details - they’ll be able to investigate further.

I have created a game that I now need to go through and add book titles to. There are dozens of books, and I want to try multiple fonts for each spine / cover before figuring out what works best. You don’t have a type tester for your fonts, how else are designers supposed to see what words / phrases look like if they can’t download a bunch of them and test within Photoshop / Illustrator etc?

Keep in mind that each font download + install requires an application to be restarted for it to be registered so that it will work. Am I expected to find, download, install, close apps, reopen apps each time, dozens of times, to preview fonts?

I then need to add music tracks to over 100 animated scenes (that I have been working on for the past 5 years), but first I need to figure out which songs will work best for each scene which means trying various songs for each.

If envato seriously expects people to carry out this sort of work, one file at a time, they are living in a fantasy land. Also, if there is a fair use policy and you can justify your use of downloads, I see no reason to keep being treated as a robot.

This doesn’t seem like a very good solution for genuine content creators.

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