Why do I have to verify I am a human on every single license I am seeking to download?

I loved this site when I signed up, starting to hate it now. It is abysmal, in its use of function. Never had such an unpleasant experience. I don’t know what the site designers are up to, but they are totally clueless, when it comes to giving a good and easy user experience, frustrating as hell to navigate envato. Absolutely abysmal design. First off, why is there no search on previously downloaded items? This, ought be first consideration, for customer ease of use. This is not difficult to implement, and would help users no end. By not doing so, envato are making the experience of the user so much more difficult, I know this is something asked for often, your own Helpdesk told me so - but I do not know nor understand why you refuse to implement it such a useful thing? Secondly, I am downloading license files today, forced to trawl through all 600+ pages of items I have downloaded, because of previously acknowledged lack of site search functionality, why am I having to fill out a captcha, every single time I go to a new license? Bad enough to have to trawl through the licenses like this, without having to answer where I can see crossroads or fire hydrants on images. If I fill out ONE of those pointless things, it should be enough - you should be getting the message this is a human here,I am signed in and paying. Totally disappointed in your site, if things do not look up, evanto have lost my business next year. I will move elsewhere, where clients are better looked after than this. Life is too short to be messed around like this.

And now, you have completely locked me out of your site, due to diminishing ability to download the license files I need. Every time I click on “download license” I have to fill out a captcha, and every time I do that, the next one gets longer and longer and longer, asking more and more questions. WHY? Why are you messing me around like this? This is not what I signed up for. To the point I cannot any longer use your site. Do you want my business or not? If so, please, remove that damned stupid fill out captcha every time I need download a license, What a ridiculous thing. And implement some functionality for users to search through their downloads. That, is pretty basic stuff, really.

I am trying to persevere, because I need those damned licenses, do you know that I was asked 20+ times on a captcha, on your site, Over 20 time - WHAT IS THAT??? - before it would let me download the license file. For one file! And then over and over and over again. For every goddamn stupid license file. What is this? I pay to use your service, the very least you can do, is let me use it. Please, contact me if you would, I am more than disappointed in what I am now being presented with on your site. If I had seen this picture at first, I would never have signed up - what IS the point? If I cannot access my license files, what are you guys exactly giving me?

Okay, I give up, you win Envato. It is quite impossible to download a license file from your site, because your site is throwing up a Captcha box, every single time I go to download a license. And it does not want just one answer, oh no, too simple, it goes through at times over twenty variations of images, before I am permitted to download one license file. I will not live long enough to complete this exercise. I seek confirmation that you agreed to supply me with these files, and I now ask, how do I get them? Your site is broken. Useless, to this user. A complete waste of time. I would like you to contact me and offer me advice as to how I may access my license files, without answering your pointless captcha questions for the next thirty years.

Try contacting support, maybe they can help…

Envato Elements Help and Support

I’m curious how many files you’ve licensed if you’ve got 600 pages of downloads?! Aside from the very occasional bug that results in everyone having to do the captcha, it’s usually only used when there’s concerns about how many items are being downloaded, so they want to double check it’s not some kind of download bot. If you’re downloading hundreds or thousands of items a week, that could be why you’re getting so many of them.


No, not the case.

I am downloading license, not files. I cannot get to my licenses, because your pointless captchas are asking for verification, about twenty times each time I want a license. Your site is unusable for me, as it is. Please advise. I need to download the licenses. I did think your site, was limitless downloads?

Please, tell me how I can get my licenses, which I pay you for, without that stupid captcha making the license download impossible? Otherwise, there seems little point in being a member of your site?

Yes and no. From the T&C…

In addition to our rights under the User Terms, we reserve the right to restrict or terminate access to the Elements service for any subscriber whose download behavior suggests inappropriate use.

Depending on the way you use Envato Elements, you may have a genuine need to download high volumes of Items. We will remove any imposed download restrictions once we are satisfied that a user is not engaging in inappropriate download behavior. To establish this, we may contact users to understand more about their use of the Envato Elements service instead of (or as well as) restricting access. If you have a need to download high volumes of items, especially within a relatively short amount of time, we encourage you to contact us in order to show proof of legitimate Item use - this will reduce the likelihood that your download behavior will trigger action under this policy.

If we detect behavior which is suggestive of inappropriate downloading then we may take action to protect our authors and investigate potential breaches of this policy and/or our User Terms.

But, I am not downloading!!I only want my licenses!!!

Surely, I can get my licenses, without having to sit through twenty episodes of telling your software which box a cycle, a fire hydrant, or a bridge live within?

What is going on with your site?

I click on one license, to download, I need go through checking all these captchas, takes me a few minutes, for one file, then I go to the next, and have to go through the same process. What is that? Why do I need do that, to get my licenses? I cannot believe you have never had this problem before. Your site is completely unfucntional for me, at the moment, I cannot get licenses, for the clips I have already downloaded, due to the length of time the captcha takes to renew, I have seen captchas before, never one that asks for over twenty verifications, it seems absolutely nuts! Who has time to spend, waiting, license after license, all that time?

Please advise , I need to access the license for the clips I have already downloads, but yours site will not allow me to, because of these ridiculous captchas. I am not trying to download files!