Why do I find very bad works selling in market

Hi, I am long time buyer in evanto and now am starting my first power point presentation template project to be uploaded soon. But as I was passing through other listed items it looks like sometime there is a very bad item for sell but still it has some sales. I tried to check their authors to see if the situation is caused by number of followers but that was not the reason. Can any one help me to know why this happens. thanx

It depends on the item (please don’t start calling out or linking items) but quality is (to a point) subjective and what may not appeal to one person, may be ideal to another.

There are other factors like the age of the item, etc.

Comparing your items to others already on sale is one of the worst things that you can do for all sorts of reasons. The best approach is to disregard other items and focus on delivering quality in your own work.


If it’s selling, is it really all that bad?

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Thanx both for response, I get a point