Why Do Envato confuse Authors ?

I had one Issue with Envato.
I thought about to create a Template with Pseudo Effect to better organize my controllers.
I asked Envato support for Help, Is it allowed to use Pseudo Effect ?
After a week or more of confusing proceedings I got the Answer : )
No, It is not allowed!
But I had already created my template because a week has passed.
A few days After my Item was Accepted with Pseudo effect : )

So… It’s confusing stuff Folks. One said that it is not allowed but in the other hand my project was accepted : )

I’m not 100% sure what a pseudo effect is. Am I right in thinking that… as an example… you create a slider effect on a null, link that to the wiggle property on the null’s position attribute, and then rename the effect ‘shake’. So the effect is actually a slider, but the pseudo effect is a shake controller. Would that be a pseudo effect?

If so, then yes, that’s definitely allowed. I work in After Effects and I’m not 100%, so I’m not that surprised that support didn’t know what it was. Although, you’d like to think they’d double check before giving a definitive answer!

But yeah… if I’ve got it right, then psuedo it up dude!

Hi dude. thanks for your answer.
Sorry, but it’s a bit different stuff: )

Pseudo Effect is a sort of custom effect with custom controls. So you can have a lot of parameters in one "slider"
You can create it by adding lines of code to “PresetEffects.XML”

That is the thing. They do not even know about it. And these folks review our products: )
Envato have Same problems as all Big companies have. Sad a bit. But it’s true.

Cheers for the explanation. So I was kind of right… sort of. A little bit.

But keep in mind… the support team don’t review items… they’re too busy providing support. And the review team don’t provide support… they’re too busy reviewing items!

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Yes, but How should I know about this kind of things.

For Example, I will create a template with a lot of effects and then they will tell me that it’s not allowed. So I will have to remake all the template, reassign all the effects (it can be very hard if you have 100-200 expressions per element)

How else can give me a piece of advice here? Stranger on the street? ))
And we are all busy, not only Envato support team.

They Do not have enough respect to Authors. It becomes noticeable especially when you work hard on your projects and skills. I’m ready to pay them for support ))) How about a commercial support for your Authors, Envato? : )