Why do +80% of all Photoshop Action halt, break or give errors once you work in 300 dpi, or in CMYK ?

my question is quite honest, and my goal is NOT to start any polemics,
I’m an old school graphic designer.
I’m completely aware that we live in a very paced digital world…
However, for me quality matters! I still work very large formats, print ready,
Most of ALL actions halt once you work in CMYK or @ + 300 dpi…
Photoshop is a professional tool, mainly (@ least at the beginning…) designed for professional print compatible design, as well as Illustrator aso…
I would be quite happy to get your opinion on this…
I’m aware that everything is business driven, however I would pay a lot more for Actions print compatible…

This is some of my experience, I do not know what actions you are using but action who use Filter Gallery and some Adjustments options eg. Black&White, Exposure, Vibrance dont work correctly because photoshop does not support these options in CMYK mode. This is only basic problem there are still some differences, it is difficult to make some effect without using Filter Gallery option but you can always switch to a finished image in CMYK mode.

More effects, higher resolutions means you need higher specs computer. Maybe i am wrong, but from my own experience, this is what i encounter with actions. The simpler the action is, the less thinking power it needs. 8 gig or more and having a quadcore helps a lot when playing complex high resolution 300 dpi effects. Most actions do work for a lot of people from the reviews i have read on there item pages, so i think some people need to upgrade or invest better processor and ram if they want the best results.

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I’ve had some top selling actions do the same and I’m a quad core with 32 Gigatrons.


Is not the main reason for the spec of the computer, clearly it will be stronger cpu faster and easier to complete. As I wrote above CMYK there are no options like RGB mode, there are most people who buys the action it is not known to use it and will not look at the tutorial how to use so an error occurs (I had such cases a lot), sometimes photoshop simply not load correctly brush or pattern so an error appears. There are differences between CS and CC versions of photoshop eg. on the same action in CC everything works fine in CS issue is coming because some steps are not compatible and action is a set of steps which must be done, if you skip one you get a error. These are some basic problems for issues, not every action is made in the same way and it’s important to look at the tutorial and can always contact the author for help.

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Yes i know what you mean, its like buying a ferrari action with a beetle engine within it. If there are errors, then its the creators responsibility to reupload a fixed version besides the original version for those who don’t have that problem.

Time is precious and i rather buy a action that has less than 5 - 7 minute tutorial and just click play button and you are done. You are right about some actions, but most of them are great effect actions. I just don’t have time to follow a 10 - 40 minute video tutorial for a action that is instant, which mean you need to watch tutorial to fix errors. The creator needs to fix the actions to be error proof and if there are errors than they need to fix the problem reupload a revised action with less than 5 - 7 minute video tutorial. Also most actions are meant for RGB and not CMYK, with this you need to read before buying, so that is the customer responsibility.

Of course there are simple errors, like language settings. Those problems i get that the customer needs to fix them self. Of course always check if its not the computer specs, then look at the action if that’s the problem. If the tutorial wants to show different ways and effects with actions above a 10 minute tutorial then go ahead i have no problem with that

For me its very important that the customer clicks the play button within 5 - 10 steps how the action works, that’s the whole purpose of a action meaning instant.

I agree with the loss of time on long tutorials but I did not mean watching the tutorials in time as half a movie but watch simply basic settings like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd0Go0v01Ns&t=25s that when it is set it is no longer necessary to waste time on it and reading help file which does not last more than two minutes just because someone uses it “brush” layer and someone “area” etc. basic things, a lot of buyers sends me a message about these issues just do not read basic things and simplicity is always the best option.

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hey Drazen
there is often a problem with a language compatibility too as for i know … do u know how to solve this pls?

Hey Nico, there is no such solution as far as I know except switching the language to english, if you create in English version action save steps in english language eg. select layer “Background” when you want to run on German version will not work because it does not exist Background, in german is Hintergrund.

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What i meant in my previous is Its just when i see about 200 - 500 comments about the huge error within the action that is difficult to repair and the creator still hasn’t reupload a fixed version, then its not really what the customer wants. It takes too much time of the customer.

What is a lot?, 1 - 10% of the customers who bought it? As long as the majority understands, then there is no problem with the action you made. We all can read, its just some people have maybe a illness or adhd or in a hurry for a school project, so people just ask quick basic question, we don’t know. I can understand the frustration when sometimes you get question about basic stuff, when its so easy. I have seen your action tutorial video’s and its simple to get, so there is no problem. Also checked some of your uploads and most of the times just 10 people out of 500 people who bought it ask basic stuff. Keep it up the good job ^^. Dgas99 you are doing fine, its not easy what you have achieved, i congratulate you.

I’m talking in general and that’s just my perception not criticism, under “lot” I think of all those questions which get to my email (most of them come in this way) and it is not a problem when you can normal communicate with buyers (correct my mistake or help buyers, that’s why we’re here) but when somebody bad rating for which does not know how to start the action and just write how does not work and action sold over 700+ times, does not ask help then comes up to frustration. I agree that there are a lot huge error within the action most between compatibility CS and CC version and the author should correct it but we are not all the same and thank you.


HI Drazen, indeed, this is too bad that there isn’t , besides, as for me, i have trouble to understand that the coding is not leading to actions, rather to commands …

Indeed, u are right , my friend, some guys come to post bad ratings without they know anything in the first place … in other words , a work that is judged professional by a “quality control team” is judged poor by someone who cannot even handle the app he or she is using and u have to accept to be “sentenced” with a bad rating that makes no sense at all. As for me the only bad rating i have ever received the guy was complaining about something that was not true and complaining about not having the model included , when it was written in caps that it was not … not to mention that the guy did not even try to ask me for the model before rating , when the model could be downloaded for free …