Why different payment fees for different accounts

please help me understand.
I previously changed the payment method on Elements to the new payment system. These data were automatically applied to the account on the market. The commission on the market is $1 and Payoneer charges 1%.
I also have another account on the market - a non-exclusive, which I have to manually transfer to a new payment method. But when I enter the same data I see that the approximate fee is $25 :open_mouth:.
Why so and how to transfer this account to a payment system with fees as in the first one?

problem solved, maybe someone will find it useful…
after saving all the data and adding the payment method, the inscription with the amount of the commission changes.

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Possibly, there might be differences in the fee structure between exclusive and non-exclusive accounts on the marketplace. Some marketplace platforms or payment systems may impose different fees based on the type of account or the type of content being sold.

In your case, it’s possible that the exclusive account has a more cost-effective or favorable fee structure compared to the non-exclusive account. This could be due to specific policies or agreements that apply to certain account types.

To understand more and resolve this issue, it is recommended to contact customer support or the technical support department of the marketplace platform or payment provider. They can provide further explanations regarding the fee differences and offer guidance on how to transfer the non-exclusive account to a payment system with fees similar to the exclusive account.

Hope this helps, here is the link: