Why did you reject my project?

quality standard ??

hi no sorry to say just this but u will not make it with this card , this far away from standards at this stage … there are some issues about the execution in the fist place, shapes are uneven and this is not in keeping with professional standards expected here . The fake logo is not selling your item , this is the other way around , just invest some time to create something professional that will value your work and make the thing globally harmonious rather than killing the preview … the graphic design at this stage is also way too minimalistic if u ask me … u need to push the envelope bring originality to the table and make sure that your card cannot be redone in a few minutes . otherwise the logo side is pretty empty and i am sometimes wandering if this is so much worth the drive to have 2 sides when one is so very empty and that u people do not make the most of it push the envelope creatively and graphic design wise