Why did this theme not succeed?

I will publish my new WordPress theme soon on ThemeForest but I have some questions and I really hope any one help me to understand how to make sure that my theme will success.

A theme like this:

In my opinion, this theme is very beautiful and have many options and widgets and layouts but nevertheless, the theme doesn’t succeed and become popular, Why?

I just want to understand:

1- what people really need from the WordPress theme to make sure that I make everything user needs to be sure that my theme will success.
2- Why theme like bone theme doesn’t a success?

NOTE: I am not the author of the bone theme.

Because it is a Minimal, bone theme.
Themeforest users are looking for something they can install and go further easy and fast, not take 100 ways for customization.

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I think you need to market any Theme to become successful. What steps did you take for marketing the theme?

I am not publishing my theme yet I will publish it after 2 months but can you advise me how to market the theme to become successful? Are you mean make ads on sites like Google AdWords?

yes, you need a marketing strategy in my opinion. Google Ads, reviews, social media marketing. It can’t just expect traffic from ThemeForest to make you succesful in today’s market.