Why did this song get rejected?

My song got rejected, and I don’t know the exact reason so I can’t improve myself.
Here’s the link:

I forgot to reduce the bass guitar noise on the MIDI settings, and I wanted to edit the song once it was uploaded, but I’m not sure if that’s the only reason why my song got rejected.

I’m also not very professional when it comes to mixing & mastering.

But I need to understand the root of the problem - is it because of composition/arrangement or mixing/mastering?

with all the highlights you’ve pointed out,
you probably answered your own question.
Also, just me… I’d post your music on soundcloud, or a basic FTP.
I did not hear your music, BECAUSE, I AM NOT familiar with the compression LINK,
“bass guitar noise on the MIDI settings”
"I’m also not very professional when it comes to mixing & mastering."

That made me cautious to open your link, IT FEELS LIKE IT COULD BE A VIRUS.

Yeah good point. Fine I’ll upload to soundcloud. I’m just running to work atm and wetransfer was the first thing that came to my mind since I use it all the time. Bass midi guitar plugin has a “noise” setting where you can choose how much you wanna hear the natural performing noise, and yes I didn’t go to music school but I try to improve myself in every possible way when it comes to production. Thanks for your harsh but honest reply though. And btw I already have a selling song so I thought I was ready for more.

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I personally want to hear it. I don’t like beating around the bush. being direct gets things done, but i def. wasn’t trying to offend you.
I’ve heard tracks on AJ that makes me overly confused, thinking how did this make it and yours didn’t.
I guess we have to just make it happen.
I was feeling a song I wrote years ago, and decided to submit it, AJ was HARSH, THIS WAS LAST WEEK.
So I made it into a video today and called it a day.
Just cause AJ doesn’t care for it, no biggie, cause I don’t care for all of their choices either.
but some that have passed I love.
but in all honesty, I wasn’t really feeling the song I sent, for submission to AJ, I WAS JUST IN A SOULFUL MOOD.

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It’s beautiful. You’ve got great voice as well. Did it get rejected because it had vocals? Damn I want to upload my song to soundcloud but I’m on my way to work and soundcloud doesn’t allow me to upload from phone… any ideas?

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Thanks for the complinebt,
It’s more of a hip-hop soul. (you have to know your audience, (A.J. may have not been it)
but in fairness to A.J. it may not have been my song, but I think I rushed the submission.
that can cause a reject.
Perfect example, I was very DUMB.
The song I uploaded had the watermark in it, which NOW I know, is USELESS TO THE BUYER.
LET ME EXPLAIN: some sites have you submit a rough form or watermark versions, then when
the buyer is interested, they contact you and you send a clean version, maybe edits too, if they request.
I am sorta New to A.J., I JOINED A YEAR AGO, but this is my first upload.

also, i’ve heard you can get rejected if the spelling has all caps in the title or all lowercase.
but the best advice they gave me was to hangout in the forum, and get advice on song submission.

I may be a semi-professional at what I do, but I’ve learned a lot about A.J. from these great helpers
in the forum in a few hours.

My advice, double check your submission.
I stand by my little constructive criticism on your song, by the way the audio quality was EXCELLENT.

Check this, not less than 3 minutes, after posting my reply on your post, I saw this on A.J.

I guess this song made it in A.J.:

I am not dogging the song, but this is so redundant, although it does have a little grove.
BUT, I really can not understand how this made it and yours did not.
maybe you have to catch A.J. in the right mood.

Soundcloud would be worth waiting to upload, cause many trust them, and you’d get a wider
personally I’d rather be doing this with my Band. I’m on bass.
(Yep, we see the old guy ROCKING OUT) LOL

peace friend.

Thanks man you’re very supportive. Hope you make it in AJ as well. I figured they are really really picky and wanna make sure all songs have a standard (easy going, well mixed and mastered, non vocal non emotional background music) so this won’t be the place to post my from-the-heart compositions. But I’m trying to learn and improve my production skills and getting approved for an AJ upload means a lot to me, it means I’m at a level of professional music production. I already uploaded a song and it’s doing pretty good for 2 weeks. I guess we should just keep on working and success will eventually come.

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that sounds like a plan.
I remember when I joined AJ last year, I did not know much about it, but
I saw an interview on TV about them, an I thought they were independent
so i’m wondering if they were always with Envato, or did that just happen

Your band looks awesome ! I wish you were our bass player (hope our bass player doesn’t read this) :smile: yeah about that song The Beauty, I mean come on man that’s like put a ready sample beat and play a cliche chord progression on it? Come on… now I know why my song got rejected. Not because of composition but mixing mastering quality. Or maybe that bass guitar noise that I forgot to edit out. Anyway… Thanks for sharing. Actually maybe I should just build on sample beats as well… why all the struggle of making my own beats from scratch?

Stay Blessed

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