Why did they reject it? It sounds cool! Isn't it?

Second rejection in corporate style.

The answer was “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted” - WHAT COMMERCIAL QUALITY STANDARD??? What did I do wrong???

Nothing, really. You have there a perfectly fine corporate track, just like hundreds of others already on AJ. There’s nothing particularly unique about your track, but it is well constructed.

My observation is that AJ is already oversaturated with this type of track, so they are not so keen to approve more.


Yet there are still loads of corporate tracks being accepted everyday.

To me there is an issue with the guitar chords which sound weird. At times, it seems to be clashing with the other instruments. The overall mix sounds a bit rough to me. There is a timing issue on the last chord strike.

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Hm…What exactly in the mix did you think is rough? What was missing? It’s not a timing issue on the last chord. It was made on purpose: I wanted to bring some creative.

Well, it sounds a bit sloppy. For corporate music, you want to think clean and smooth, not creative.
I’m not saying something is missing, but your mix could use some smoothening out. The strumming guitar is too loud in my opinion, for instance.

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It’s a pity, isn’t it? The inconsistency in the review process, I mean.

But that’s AudioJungle.

There are a few spots in the track where the instruments clash, maybe a wrong bass note is the problem. For example 0:18

The main melodic sounds are a bit cheap sounding.

But it won’t be hard to improve this track, with a bit of extra effort.