Why did these issues reject me?

Since the end of 2019, I have been uploading themes to audiojungle; of 8 I have been rejected 6.
If you can help me know what the problem is, because if I do not download the 2 uploads of the platform and look for another option to upload my music.
From already thank you very much

attach the music. Can you help me to know the reasons for these rejections?

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Hi there,

1st track:
maybe the guitar with the delay effect in the beginning sounds a tiny bit lost with the huge break before the next guitar sound comes in?

2nd track:
To me the kick sounds way to heavy. The glitch effects are nice, but maybe too experimental to AJ reviewers? Just a guess, though. According to my taste the piece could have been longer as well! (-;

3rd track:
I am not sure. Maybe too short?

4th track:
I think in general this sounds quite good to me already. It sounds like a demo only. So I would say it’s too short as well. Like it is now it seems to me that there is more to come in this piece, but suddenly it ends. It’s just a guess, though!

5th track:
The bass seems to hevay to me. It seems to push every other voice back in the mix. Another thing again: too short maybe?

Most of your tracks seem like “demos” to me. Maybe this could be a main reason of the rejection. If you really want to have the pieces short think about the “dramatic structure” of the tracks. Like it is now most tracks sound like they end with some kind of climax and should continue to “resolve” the piece.

Again: it’s just a guess. Good luck! (=

Thank you very much, I will consider your comments. although they seem to me assumptions, based on your experience.
I have many more topics to upload, but I am seeing other companies, since here they reject the music, without even giving a reason, that allows me not to make the same mistakes again.
thanks again

Yes, I think most of us composers can only assume here in the forum. But luckily, according to my new experience I made the last weeks, I can say: most feedback is really helpful and can turn your rejected tracks into approved ones, if you carefully listen to the composers here in the forum. It seems to me like a very helpful community! (=

Good luck to you!

I thank you very much for the time you give to answer me. I will carry out the changes you suggest, both in those that have been rejected, and in those that I plan to upload soon.
In the rejection message he told me that I could not upload the piece again, if I make these changes can I upload them again?
Greetings … have a great week

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You might be able to upload a track again, when you did changes so that it can be seen as a new item, I guess.