Why did the overall sales on Audio-jungle decrease lately?

Hey friends,

I’ve noticed that sales have decreased significantly during the last couple of weeks. This is true for both:

  1. old and popular files.
    This is indicated by the ‘popular files’ page. If you look at the current page, this week tracks needed only 9 sales in order to get on the list. In most weeks the threshold was around 17 sales.

  2. new files.
    This is indicated by the low amount of overall sales for new items. I’ve been following the amount of overall sales for new tracks each day (by looking at the ‘top new items’ page and choosing the ‘in the last day’ option. I’ve done this each day consistently and new tracks sale way less than they used to.

I don’t think this is related to the search algorithm changes, as the drop in sales is affecting all items on Audio-Jungle.
Does this drop in sales happen every new-year, near the holidays?
Is it true for AudioJungle alone or did videoHive sales drop as well?


Hi Marklar,

This is the usual pattern for sales around this time of year - it’s completely normal and drops always happen at this time. I have looked at previous data from 2014 and the situation was the same. Things should start to improve in the coming weeks so don’t fret! :wink:

I’m not sure about the impact of the search algorithm changes, but they can’t be helping sales, for new tracks at least. I’ve got lots of new tracks ready for upload, but I don’t want to upload anything until it’s changed back - it’s just too risky at the moment.


Thanks @AurusAudio :]

Do you have an estimation of when will sales get “back to normal”?

Usually it’s around the 10-15th of January when sales return to “regular” levels (according to 2014-2015 data).

I can’t guarantee this however, because the new search engine is having a massive impact on the sales of new tracks - it does not function well and gives only high selling tracks exposure. Any new content you upload under the name of select terms like “inspiring” or “corporate” etc, won’t be placed high enough in the search results to be seen.

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