Why did my sales count drop?

I had 54 sales, but today I saw 53.
writes a canceled sale. but I had 54 available sales, why did it go down to 53 sales? 54 sales must remain stable. please will someone explain this to me

I last sold 5 days ago and my sales figure was 54. I had $ 63.66 in my safe. there was another sale today but then it was canceled. Why does my sales figure look?

I think you’ve answered your own question… the sale was reversed, so your total number of sales was reduced accordingly.

My current sales figure before today’s sales was 54. must be 55 with the last sale. With the reversal of sales, this figure should decrease to 54 again. why 53?

You didn’t have any sales today.

Okay, I have misjudged… sorry.

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