Why did my logo and business card template is getting hard rejection?

I follow all instruction of logo template and business card template making, presentation and uploading. My logo and business card is unique, attractive and new. Before making logo I search on net as well as on graphicrive to see latest trend of design, color and font.

I work on my idea but my design is getting rejection. Here is some design. Please help me to find out the reason. Can you tell me which kind of logo is getting approval. I don’t believe in coping other’s creation and doing my own.
ShoppingHub - Shopping logo -

Clear Vision


Swan Shop -

Business Card -
Corporate B Card

I am sorry but can all of u guys try to post items one by one, I mean one item for one thread as this is really difficult to go into deep details when u have a collection of compiled items like this …
anyway , let’s start the journey …

"shopping hub logo"
well the bottom line is that the logo is super raw as such and it would take u to push the envelope graphic design wise so that u can give some additional value to the item. At the moment , what u have is basically taking around 5 minutes to be redone and as a consequence has very limited commercial potential this far. For a buyer to be feeling like buying , it takes them to identify that they can either save time out of buying or for them to understand that they will be able to offer design skills beyond their personal ones. This is not what happens here. BTW, apart from such considerations, the logo misaligned and unbalanced by the positioning of the cart inside the squared shape indeed. The imbrication of the logo can easily be improved and the typo, to be honest, is quite flat. U have to understand that typo here is a major issue , probably the main one , no matter where u are posting and as consequences are expecting to bring real work to the table when it comes to this point in particular … . At this stage , the typo is definitely lacking variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality , not to mention that the color makes it very far from being outstanding and that the choice of colors is not the best ones for a multitude of reasons. I invite u to rather choose complementary colors, theme code colors or shades of the same color, they are more coherent and safer choices indeed. Besides , by doing so u will also fix a rather low contrast of used colors with the background and give more impact to the work u have done indeed. To end up doing with this one, I would like to say the global style is rather flat and rather outdated , too, if u ask means I am not sure that u can go anywhere with such an item, even if u actually take care of issues to fix

clear vision logo
first of all, I am not sure that I would like to mention for this one is that contrast is a basic design principle and thus should not be taken lightly indeed. This one in particular I might add … since this principle is bringing people into facing additional troubles in a snowball effects when it comes to a variety of other points, like readability, impact and hierarchy of information. I guess u can identify that nothing is really outstanding here in such a context and that this is at the very minimum not selling what u have created indeed … . Still about basic design principles, u cannot expect to have anything accepted here while the different parts of the logos are indeed not aligned properly. Alignment is another basic design principle and messing with it definitely impacts negatively the item visually speaking. Otherwise,in terms of global style , this is sort of not any better , so to speak, insofar as the logo looks rather outdated and does not use today’s trendy techniques of shapes being subtracted from another one. In addition , let’s face it the “game” that u have with c and v considerably reduce the interest that people may be feeling for the item, sicne for this, they would have to basically have the same initials c and v and u will have a really restricted purchasing base right from the beginning. The illustration and typo also do not match , why having serifs in one part and non serif in the other one? I do not get it , hard to understand …this rather breaks harmony rather than any other thing, in my opinion …

rapido logo
pls do not take it personally or whatever but for me apart from being really really not aesthetic at all, there seems to be no real concept behind this logo or I feel like that many people will not understand what this is just like I do, which amounts to the same and basically means that u missed the mark with this one … the logo also. if I see a desire to bring some originality to the table, once again, I see a total disconnection between the illustration and the text part , to tell u honestly how I feel. The imbrication of both illustration and text part is not great and could easily be improved. The typo is also super flat and tasteless, no originality out there so difficult to find any relief of additional value there … I am not sure that the choice of colors was the best one indeed, especially as soon as u turn out to have a variation of red coming out of the blue and that looks stage more than any other thing, I mean, apart from breaking the hierarchy in the process, too …

swan shop logo
right from the beginning I see a really really major problem here , the sea is no where to be seen if ask me … and unless u turn out to introduce something that looks like a beak somewhere I believe that all the people will feel the same as I do … and your “purchasing base” in particular may fail to realize that u addressing them here … in addition , there is a really major issue change it comes to execution here, curves are not even and this looks bad and unprofessional visually speaking. Why putting a second “S” in cap letter, this is not super compatible with your concept and illustration in the first place, not to mention that this is not particularly aesthetic or balanced. Once again , u have opted for a shape that makes u get into trouble as u do not manage to handle it properly so that the logo looks aligned with the rest , why extending so much the tail?if u make it way shorter u fix the issue and can center things properly easily so that the logo gets to the next level out of being looking way cleaner than what u have here …

business card
I do not even know where to start for this one … I guess that the logo itself could be the subject of a whole category as regard to simple and flat this looks like , how not properly arranged this is, so that the thing looks well positioned, balanced and professional … what I would conclude is that u should invest sometime to create a decent professional looking logo so that in the end instead of flattening your whole wok , this is actually taking it to the next level. Otherwise, let’s face it, there is not so much graphic design here and this is the reason why the interest that people may feel in this item can decrease gamely. the item can be redone in a few minutes and anyone with just basic knowledge of graphic design tools could redo the item without getting into a big ordeal. Thus what is the point to buy this item? u do not offer graphic skills beyond the ones people may have and u do not inspire that they will save some time out of buying … so why accepting the file if this is felt to have close to no commercial potential at all? In the same idea, what is the point of having a “b-side” if there is so much noting inside that the logo u introduce there in fact is hardly visible that the effect on the picture is not great and the website is not even outstanding ? for the data side, honestly I do not get it, what are those geometric shapes supposed to stand for?they help u to bring some more contrast to the table between the text and background for the information , which is good but visually this is not looking great, this is the bottom line. by the way why not having something to increase the contrast of the text where this is the most needed? look u have rather dark blue text on dark blue background , this is bot outstanding and why the location and the phone data are not having the same color? i do not get it … I would also recommend that u rather choose complementary colors, theme code colors they re safer choices so that u can make sure that the information invisible and that the design looks better …