Why did my item get rejected?

Hello there everyone!

Let’s get straight to it. I submitted two logo designs 6 days ago and they got hard rejected and I wanted to ask you if you might know why.

Hello?! Can anyone help me?

Hello?! Is anyone here?

Without having a zip file to look at it’d be hard to give feedback. There’s quite a few reasons items could get rejected.

zip file to give feedback? Images are enough. Logos are good but i think need a lot work.
Image 1: Gradient colors need work but i think remain a very basic shape.
Image 2: Shape need more work. Not good.
Keep trying… ; -)

The reason I said that was because I’ve seen some great looking work get turned down because it was layered horribly. I honestly love the idea of the second one.

The standard has gone high actually, though your product is nice but Envato needs excellent work. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the zip: NobleSource Logo Template

I understand all your points, I guess those are the problems.
If you could also take a look at the ZIP file it would be awesome.
Thank you in advance, everyone!

The second one is quite simple. I think you need to work more on that one. First one looks great. But may be something similar to that is already there in the market. Best of luck for next time :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Do you guys have any advice when it comes to the ZIP file? :smiley:

Everyone?! Still around?

what do u mean ? that gradient and color matching are not working? because if so i do not agree …

hi if u ask me , the first one is good , pro and tasteful, now this not wrong to say that if u could add a little additional originality the thing would probably get to the next level … however i still fail to understand why it had been rejected …

for the second one, well, how to say, this is not that original, this is lower quality wise than some already submitted , this is not original and not visually punchy, not to mention that the typo is simply not working well with the illustration and , moreover , this is not specific enough for here , here they wait or worked out typo combinations, this is the main focus … (discussable but this is how it works anyway …)

wish u good luck for your next submissions , keep working hard :slight_smile:

Yes i think color matching (gradient connection) on image 1 need work.

Click on image 1 to open all preview file in new window, don’t see only this shape here in forum. See also the other gradient colors. Not see only blue.

From my side the gradient is the first problem of reject. Next coming the font and maybe another issue is the distance between shape and font. In my eyes don’t look good man.

hi i did not know there was a need to click, sorry i did not see the concerned file indeed … for the distance, i am not sure , one thing is or sure this is that the preview name is too long and this is a problem as this is not providing with the best impression about this item …

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Thank you everyone! :slight_smile: Will work on improving them and the next ones! :smiley: