Why did I get this error? Please help me.

I received such feedback as a result of the review of my product. I don’t understand why. What is meant by the quality standard?

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “YUDO - Coming Soon HTML Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item. And we’d be happy to help make sure your next entry will meet our submission requirements. Here’s our advice:

If you want feedback you need to share your demo link.

Without seeing it then it’s impossible to offer advice


However, our demo links were not active when we submitted them to “themeforest”. I think the problem stems from this, but I am afraid that there is another problem in demos because there is no explanatory feedback.

Note: Our demo links are aktive right now.

You wouldn’t get reviewed without a working link and the rejection you got would just be generic

That said:

  • Code doesn’t validate

  • The design feels outdated is not up to the standard with issues in basics like typography, hierarchy, styling, spacing etc.

  • It’s a little close in places to an existing item already on the market

Thanks for answer.
Firstly, I couldn’t understand which code doesn’t validated?

We prepared demos based on popular themes. What do you mean by outdated typography, styles, hierarchy? Can you explain this by giving an example?

W3C shows lots of warnings (which are not a reason to be rejected) and a few errors (this won’t be allowed in such a basic category). You need to check the different demos

Just looking at the business examples the hero fonts are not great choices, there is a lot of different fonts and styling in a small site

The about us box doesn’t work as image carousel is way too small and type too big

It also resembles this template https://upnow-react.envytheme.com/construction

Thanks for answer,

We’ve edited “https://prou.webuzi.com/html/business-v1.html”. Can you check this demo again. If you think it’s positive, we’il change the others accordingly.

Try re-upload your theme with active link . Reviewer will see the live link first and check design . If it is ok then only the review install your theme and check .

We keep getting the attached error and need help. Our developer is not able to fix.

Go to function.php

Remove the end tag of php that is “?>”
Try this . Probably this will work . If not
Also remove php end tags if you included anywhere in your required files in functions .php

Still problem not resolved . Message me . I will surely help to you .
Thanks and regards

Wish I knew how to do that. The guy who built our site is MIA. Could we pay you to take a look and fix the error.

My project was rejected for the second time with the same feedback. I don’t understand why? and I don’t know is this reject is hard or soft?. Can you help me?

Project Link:

*What is the title for the rejection in mail you received?

*Did the product you uploaded is in hidden tabs or items of your author dashboard?

Link don’t work

It’s working

Ok so the site is blocked by our office WIFI (probably hosting)

Looking via another connection - With respect this is still a long way off the mark and doesn’t seem to have addressed many of the same issues there were before

  • the title fonts don’t seem to have changed and don’t help your cause

  • there is a lot of different styling going on for such a small page especially in terms if typography

  • only looking at the first demo. that about and contact area needs completely rethinking

  • personally, I think you are overcomplicating matters by having the same item multiple items just with a different image and colour scheme, and I’d focus on doing one right than lots with errors. If you are going to crate multiple category versions then you need to give each something distinct (beyond a background image) to warrant it.

Firstly, thanks for help…

Obviously I can show you a lot of projects with errors or deficiencies that you say, currently uploaded to the market.
More outdated projects seem to have been adopted recently.