Why did I get a hard rejection?

hi there.
I just got a hard rejected.

I don’t know why they have to do that
please feedback about my html template

demo link: https://riettsruff.com/projects/web-templates/ogive/

Thank you in advance,

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I like your template it is pretty awesome…
i am also confused why they reject it
Upload again by change its name

Thanks. Okay, I will change it and try again :slight_smile:

Best of luck :blush:

Link don’t work and bear in mind that if you were hard rejected - changing the name and resubmitting could get you blocked

Okay thanks for your feedback. I will change the design concept :slight_smile:


Unfortunately he is still not ready to be accepted in TF. You have to become more familiar with the quality standards.

This requires many improvements in terms of general design, visual hierarchy, typography, spaces, alignment, color, iconography, images, etc. look at the details and you can find the problems there, I think you have good skills that can be polished.

I encourage you to continue working and you will get results so far unsuspected.


Okay okay i understand… thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

hi , sorry i am not an expert of webistes indeed, though i may tryt o help all the same … for me part of the main issue is that your color do not look this harmonious indeed, the match of yellow and green is not a good idea if u ask me , as the contrast is not that good and i think u should have opted for complementary colors instead of teh ones u used …

plus ths organisation is much like a compilation of blocks, if u could have broken this with other types of “separators” i guess u would have made the thing less repretitive and better looking design wise too

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leading to have submission rights temporarily revoked is a more accurate formulation in my view …

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Okay okay, thanks for your suggestion.
I hope my next submission can be accepted. :slight_smile:

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keep doing your best and this may happen :slight_smile: