Why did envato charge me 3 euros and not return it? What is this for?

I wanted to purchase a monthly subscription. I topped up my online payment card with 25 euros. After that I clicked to purchase a subscription, nothing happened, I clicked two more times, after which 3 euros were taken from me and it said that I do not have enough funds in my account. Attention question. Why did envato charge me 3 euros? Clicking the button now costs individual euros?

Probably some kind of payment check that will be returned to you but the best option is to confirm with support

Envato Elements Help and Support

I was charged 24 euros for the subscription and another 4 euros on top for each click on the subscribe button. Very interesting. Well, how should I write to the support service? Either explain why 4 euros were taken from the top, or return it -_-

Only support would be able to answer this for certain - submit a ticket using the link we shared above.