Why Credit Expiry and Remainder forfeited?

my money had been stolen!
All my money was gone!


21 Dec 2018 Credit Expiry
Remainder forfeited

I swear that I will never trust envato and themeforest any more.

I want to buy a theme
but I find out all my money was gone!

when I browse https://themeforest.net/user/taosong/statement/2018-12, I find out:
21 Dec 2018 Credit Expiry
Remainder forfeited

It is my money!
It is my capital!
It is my assets!
This is my private property!

Themeforest trespassing on private property!

what happened bro? say in more detail so people can respond immediately.

I had $17 in my account , today , I want to buy a theme from themeforest, but To my horror, I found out that my money was got rid of by themeforest or envato!

pre-deposits is not my money?
This is my private property!
themeforest or envato trespassing on private property!

I becomed member since September 2012.
It was the first time I had lost faith in the themeforest.
now I freaked out completel…

I stop buying anything from themeforest, the order is in Shopping Cart, I did not pay it…
I want to buy hireo-job-board-freelance-services-marketplace-html-template

any one recommend a trustworthy site?

please open Help ticket and let them know. About credit/account/payment you need to get in touch with Envato Support team, in forum you will get them solved. Please contact them and They will be very happy to assist you.

I opened Help ticket and submited a ticket, but I did not know whether the submit is a success.
when I submit the form,
there’s no indication or notification of when the form data has been submited.

many thanks for codelisting and mgscoder.

My money come back, many thanks

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