Why codecanyon is rejecting my products back to back without any specific reason?


I have uploaded more than 5 products on codecanyon but every time they rejected my item. I follow all rules and regulation and design as required to codecanyon but they reject my item and not give any specific reasons.

The only reason they mentioned in the email is mentioned below:
Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Even, i have followed all the instructions and navigated a lot of websites before uploading my own products on codecanyon. All my products having good quality and proper documentation with live links too. Still, they are rejecting back to back. I do not know why it happened. Is it because I am from India? or Is Codecanyon preferring UK based or US based sellers only?

Thanking you in the anticipation.

you can share your codecanyon items demo/live preview links here - other codecanyon authors can help you with the problem.

These are my project’s live links:
Live Codecanyon Projects:

  1. GS - Coming Soon Specialty Page: https://gsesupport.co.in/comingsoon/
  2. Flying Birds Specialty Page: https://gsesupport.co.in/flyingbirds/
  3. GS - Awesome Spinner Pre Loader Animation: https://gsesupport.co.in/gsloader
  1. gs coming soon
  • it has basic design compared to other recent approved items - There are lots of free templates offer same features. (your template required some unique designs/features).
  • whole template needs typography improvements.
  • title and description not looking good - and something wrong with the bg image.

  • in menu there is a lot of empty space in right side - you should try to fill the empty space by making menu center like fullscreen menu.
    personally i would not recommend to use celebrity/politicians name in any template as placeholders.

i am not codecanyon author - just a basic designer
All the best - :slight_smile:

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and another issue is navigating in menu to open - close other pages is pretty hard to go to left corner to open page and right corner to close the same page.

Those were the basic templates which i have uploaded after being fed up due to continues rejections. The main templates which i wanted to get approved were:
Travel World : http://gsesupport.co.in/Travelworld-intro/
GSPOS : https://gsesupport.co.in/gspos-intro/

Please let me know the reasons about above mentioned projects too. I shall be very thankful to you for this.

If i will resolve these issues in the existing project. Will they approve my item?

i am sorry but this templates didn’t look good enough to giveaway for free.
really you need to learn about web design again i guess - there are lots of things change every year - and you also need to understand the bootstrap framework too.

cant promise - i am just pointing out some basic issues - i am not a pro designer - you need to understand different between basic and premium design - you cant just sell every item you made, you need to learn - understand how a premium template should be.