Why codecanyon is rejecting my item, this is my second item after improvement they still rejected it

There are lot of really poor quality items on codecanyon and my item is more latest in algorithm and they are saying my item is not up to standard, what is the standard for a php script or a laravel application. Really bad experience with codecanyon. Really disappointing.

Have a look at my recent item with got rejected, it’s a laravel application with downloads and manages videos from Facebook

It’s a really simple script. There are already many social media downloaders on the market that allow you to download from several different platforms, while your script only targets one platform.

Sure, using Laravel is nice, and your code may be a bit more “modern” than others. But those things don’t matter much if the other items still outperform yours.

In the end, if you intend to upload a script into such a bloated category, you should be prepared for rejection unless you have a serious edge over everything that has already been uploaded.

Quick example:

So what you are saying in I have to make it more purposeful and rich? right?. I also have a laravel project which imports Facebook videos to Youtube, any chance of its acceptance? should I go with it?