Why chat with team envato graphicriver?

hi to all:

today come my email graphicriver, this sunday I will start chat later finish chat will pay me $50, someone same as my news? why I will start chat with team envato? please reply thanks.

nothing help me neither explain me

You have offered to help Envato with testing some new Graphicriver UX designs.
As described, this test is performed as a video chat and now this video chat should take place.

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many thanks, it’s will help me how approved items graphicriver? I many times hard rejected my graphicriver :frowning:


please help me thanks :slight_smile:

No, you should test some new features for the Graphicriver website (beta tester) and Envato wants to have your feedback via a video chat

I understand many thanks,

other ask, I can remove microphone for chat? I am deaf but not joke, I am very worry.

Why did you take this offer to help Envato with testing when you don’t want to talk with them?

Without a microphone, you can not tell Envato your experience about the new website features, that would make the whole test action somewhat pointless :wink:

I understand but I not can listen and speak but only write message, how I cam remove chat? I not can chat

Removed your images because it’s not a good idea to share people’s work emails in a public forum

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