why charge me an extra 0.64?

I want to know why charge for me after all; I am an exclusive author. I will get $6.25. but charge me an extra $0.64.

It’s withholding tax - nothing to do with envato, it’s between your government and other countries https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000470486-Tax-FAQs#:~:text=Envato%20is%20required%20by%20law,with%20your%20being%20an%20author.

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Hi @mernsolution,

you already submitted the TAX form with your TAX information. So, only tax will be taken for US sale and TAX percentage depends on your country Tax Treaties, for your country 10%.

US Tax Treaties:

If you don’t submit TAX information you have to give US backup withholding tax (24%) for all of your sale.


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Thank you