Why Cant we access to upload item page?

It is about a week i am seeing this msg in my dashboard.
You currently can’t access the Item Upload page because your upload rights for graphicriver.net have been revoked. You need to contact Help Team to get them reinstated.

someone help plzz…

hi i guess that u have had less than 10% of your items accepted and that u have thus temporarily blocked from uploading for the next 6months as stated in the latest waiting time announcement …

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Yeah I got Many rejections so far. Thanks For reply.

so u will unfortunately not be able to upload for several months … try to make the most to keep on creating , to focus on what u may do wrong and try to step up to the plate and bring your game to the next level so that once u can upload again u have very good quality things ready to be reviewed and approved :slight_smile: good work buddy

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Thanks a lot for your inspiring words.

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u are welcome, u seem not to discourage and obsession and perseverance are keys for u to reach your target in the future :slight_smile: