Why can't I search and find a product by the product number... ?

Seems like such a simple oversight by the web designers of Envato. I have an AudioJungle name/number which is one of 20 or so that I’ve shown a client… The client picks the track or file name… Why can’t I search and find the track that my client selected by the file name or number…?

You don’t need to search it if you have the item number. You can use it as seen below for all marketplaces. The item name is optional ( yyy ), you can just put any letters ( as long as you put something )

themeforest .net/item/yyy/20812882

Thanks ki-themes! That did it. It seems strange to me that you can’t just paste that number in the search bar to search by number… but oh well. What you did there works perfectly. Thanks for the tip!

You’re welcome. Would you mind to close the thread ( mark it as solved ) ?

Yup! Done. Thanks again!