Why can't I mention "olympics" in an item description or in tags?


Hello, colleagues and respected Envato Team.

I have a question about mention of “olympics” in item description and tags…

Lately my item http://audiojungle.net/item/fanfare-and-epic-background/15289672 was submitted and approved for sale with appropriate tag “olympics”.
But afterward I’ve edited the title and reviewer @AndySlatter deleted all tags with “olympics” with following comment: Please note, mentions of Olympics are not allowed anywhere within your submission, it is a trademarked/copyrighted name.

But my next track with the same tag http://audiojungle.net/item/brazilian-party-/15527743 was also approved and there was not a problem.
And for the record there are a lot of tracks on audiojungle with this tag and descriptions such as:

So can I use it or not?

Best regards.


Rules and guidelines are getting strict day by day. Any thing approved in the past doesn’t mean that it won’t be noticed in the future. You should not use any trademark or copyrighted name and “Olympics” is the one.


We don’t use any Olympic symbols or emblems.
And word “olympics” is allowed to use according these rules:

  1. Are there exceptions to these rights?

The word Olympic may be used, without sanction, to identify a business or goods or services if

a. Such use is not combined with any of the Olympic trademarks;
b. It is evident from the circumstances that the word Olympic refers to the naturally occurring mountains or geographical region of the same name, and not to the USOC or to any Olympic activity; and
c. Such business is operated, or such goods or services are sold and marketed, in the state of Washington, west of the Cascade Mountain range, and marketing outside this area is not substantial.


I suggest you to show these evidences to the Envato Support by creating a ticket here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Re-read point b).


Andy is strict with these things. Long ago he changed the name of my submission because that word is trandmarked. The same time I had got a few uploads with the same word approved without any problem. Of course I fully trust the reviewers in what they do, but I was just wondered how the appelative noun can be trademarked? (I’m not native English speaker but pretty sure that the word “transformer” existed in English far long before those loud … khm, “blockbusters” were released.)

Another one: AJ sfx contributor uploaded recently a bunch of sound effects titled with obviously trademarked names. Not sure how it’s reglamented by rules but in his case this info (which exact brand of car engine was recorded) is surely highly useful for customers!

Add.: I see your case should be allowed according to point a.?


Re-read point a).


It’s not pick and choose. You have to comply to all three points.


I fully trust the reviewers too. But I thought that rules are rules for everyone…!) And If it’s not allowed to use word “olympics” in tags and description so everyone who use should to delete it, I believe…
And I think my case should be allowed according to point A)
Thank you!)


thank you…!


What The Fog said. You can’t pick and choose, you have to satisfy all aspects of the rules. As to why yours have been picked up and others haven’t… it’s far more likely that a reviewer might miss something, rather than a reviewer enforcing a rule that doesn’t exist.


Yes, I think it needs to ask support to clarify and set the parity for all authors. This request word becomes much popular and can really affect the sales.

Generally it would be nice to have in hand some resourse to check fastly any word for is it trademarked or not.


Totally agree… I asked support and waiting for the reply.



I think you’re right. It’s like a driving test.


Of course you can use “olympics” just do a search for that word


I can’t use “olympics” in tags and description. That was in reviewer’s comment to my update for this item. But other authors use it in their tracks… That’s why I asked this question…


I was answering to those who said “it was the rules” and “it is copyright thing…”.
I have no idea why the reviewer did so in your case, maybe he made a mistake, Try again, that’s what I would do.


thanks, man…!


Envato Support answered for my request:

Thank you so much for your patience. The problem here stems from a processing error, whereby use of the term “Olympic” and its derivatives is not allowed on item submissions titles, however it can be used in tags and/or descriptions.

Thanks everyone for attention and help…!)