Why can't I get an answer to my question?

I have asked a question and received a ticket that I cannot find but I do not get an answer to my question. For what reason? Is it good until you buy a product and support but after that you forget the customer?

You did ask the author and not envato right?

the author does not answer me. Now I ask you here, what should I do with a theme I purchased when I do not receive support on the author’s website that he has banned me?
Before I bought the theme, I and the author had a conversation, I asked some things he answered but after I bought the theme it turned out that he has just lied to me. Should I show the content of our conversation? What should I do?
Did I pay for the support unnecessarily?

Hi @Sgio,

How long have you been waiting for a reply from the author? Are you certain they are ignoring you, or maybe it’s something else, like their messages are going to your junk/spam folder?

As a first step, try posting a comment on the item to ask if they received your messages. If you already did this, or if they don’t reply back after a fair amount of time, then please open a Help ticket and let them know that the author isn’t responding to your support requests. It may take them up to a week to respond to you, as they’re a bit overwhelmed with tickets right now.

Hope that helps!

Should try to answer as best I can, English is not my native language but I hope you try to make an effort to understand. Before buying, we emailed each other without any problems. After I bought problems started to arise, he lied to me and said I will complain why you were not honest. Then I started to comment on his style. Then I was advised to open a ticket here by you, do not know what happened it? then he wrote on email that I would not comment because it gave him bad reputation and that I would not open a ticket. No, nothing falls into my junk folder all of a sudden. For you to understand, I have no use in a style I bought when he blocked me from his forum. The extension that the forum works with is only available on his website. For you to understand, you buy a car and drive away but the seller says you do not get a key. Do you understand?


This is how you get in touch with the author of the item: