Why can't I ask a pre-sale question on Envato Market?

I needed to ask the below question from the developer of Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin
"What I need is a online mentorship program website where mentors and mentees meet. Mentors and Mentees are assigned to eachother based on their application and that can be done manually.

I need a membership plugin that allows private message and following in such a way that the mentors and mentees cannot send private message to any other registered user except the mentor or the mentees they are assigned to.

Please can this Plugin in do this? I need this question answered before I make payment for the plugin…"

But I couldn’t make headways with my questions because I needed to provide a purchase support code which I don’t have yet.

Please I am using one stone to kill to 2 birds. First is there a suggestion to what I explained and can can Ultimate Membership pro be the solution to this problem?


You can ask using item comments or the contact form on the authors profile both don’t require a purchase code

Thanks that was very helpful.
Please I need to know if you have suggestions for my other question on the membership plugin that can serve the purpose I stated in my comment.

That’s too specific and would need to be answered by the authors

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