Why cant anyone create an attractive user profile plugin?

Hi Users

Like you, I’ve poured over so many freaking membership and profile plugins over the past 6 months. We are talking nights, weekends, weeks of hours trying to find one that is ideal.

I still havent found it yet. Wait for a sec and read on. The number one thing that ALL of them is missing is the most important thing I would consider of all. An attractive and configurable user front end.

Think about it. On your “apps” on your phone, when you look people up on social media, everything comes down to the easy to read, well configurable and clean front end profile. All of the Membership and User profiles have tonnes of features on the backend and they are amazing, but miss this vital part. the front ends are usually awful, clunky and you cant move bits around so that you can optimise a front end.

the basics

  • An avatar and avatar background that is simple to manage, scales and attractive that allows you as the admin to set defaults in the event that the user doesnt have one.
  • Social logins that will take your facebook and twitter settings including avatars over.
  • All the recent “objects” from that user. I say objects as that could be custom posts, posts, classified adds, anything. Not just “recent posts of everyone”.
  • information, attractive and well displayed for the user that links though and is active
  • Simple front end submissions for basic functions. Widget driven, not hard coded into a “profile.php” page that needs coding. Widget it up. “Add a post, add a friend, show my blah” , look at all the major profiles on apps/pages, see what is needed
  • Make tabs optional, not mandatory. NOT EVERYONE WANTS TABS
  • Simple Simple Simple, enough to render on a mbile screen and configrable to show everything a user or their followers need

I’ve spent thousands checking every last plugin there is, they are all SO GOOD, except this one weakness. AND that’s the most important thing for a profiles/membership plgin, to display the member well!!

Anyone out there got the skill to do it?


I think with the membership plugins that are already there, you can achieve what you want by customization.
Because planty of theme have great features. Maybe those developers should consider the design aspect .
So, you may choose one plugin from the market, that you think is more closer to what you need and extend it.
In any case we can help you to implement your idea.

That’s pretty much what every one of the plugin authors say (and consider, some of the plugins cost hundreds and even more)

If you want attractive and well featured user profiles . … like leading app/page has . . . they need to be customised and go down a code direction that may not be supported in future.

If I had to choose on function, Ultimate Member leads the pack but it’s profile is very basic and bland, PMP was “probably” more featured but I couldnt tell as it was so awfully technical to configure and you need to be a developer to make it work. UPME and User Pro had better profiles but they are still a little clunky . . there was a number of others as well we tried and paid for and as usual once you buy them you find the functions that look easy “in the tin” take hard coding and only work in pristine screen environments.

If your org can do this we’d ove to talk to you

Sent you a message, please check it.